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10 Steps to Effective Proofreading
Managing risk in your legal practice can be as simple as carefully proofreading the documents you create for your clients. Nora Rock’s recent post on the AvoidAClaim blog empha ...
04/14/2014  |  Full Item >>
(Don’t) Click Here!
Lawyers in North Carolina have reported receiving an email, purportedly from another lawyer known to them advising of a document uploaded to Google Docs and requesting that the recipient “Click ...
04/03/2014  |  Full Item >>
Insuring against cyber risk
Law firms need to consider and assess the risks associated with a potential data breach as part of their overarching firm risk management policies. Most readers probably are aware that their pro ...
03/10/2014  |  Full Item >>
Brief & Useful: Slaw Tips
If you’re not already a regular reader of the collaborative Canadian law blog Slaw, you may also be unfamiliar with Slaw’s little sister-site, Slaw Tips. Slaw Tips posts ...
03/04/2014  |  Full Item >>
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