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Available now: Summer 2014 Loss Prevention Bulletin
The Summer 2014 issue of the CLIA Loss Prevention Bulletin is now available online. Articles in Issue #60 include: The Challenges of Self-Representing Litigants Screen Your Clients a ...
10/15/2014  |  Full Item >>
How to Avoid Suing for Unpaid Fees
Suing your clients for unpaid fees often leads to claims of malpractice or complaints to your law society. It is a collection strategy best avoided. In his recent post on the Lawyers Mutual blo ...
09/22/2014  |  Full Item >>
Could this happen to you?
A hard drive containing a backup of client data was stolen from the locked trunk of an employee of U.S. criminal defense firm, Imhoff & Associates, PC this summer. The theft, as reported in SC ...
09/15/2014  |  Full Item >>
More Effective Client Communications: Engagement Letters
Developing clear lines of communication with your clients begins when you are retained. One of the best client communication tools, from a risk management perspective, is the retainer or e ...
08/11/2014  |  Full Item >>
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