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Navigating the Social Media Minefield
The latest issue of CLIA’s Loss Prevention Bulletin (Spring 2015) is now available online. Bulletin #225 Navigating the Social Media Minefield looks at the risks of social media use for lawyers ...
05/13/2015  |  Full Item >>
Basic Risk Management
According to the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Lawyers’ Professional Liability, nearly half of claims made each year arise out of substantive errors, ...
04/15/2015  |  Full Item >>
Client-centred law office protocols
What does a client-centred approach to law practice actually look like? Two recent blog posts provide some helpful tips on how lawyers can better focus on the needs of their customers (aka clien ...
03/27/2015  |  Full Item >>
Don’t assume
Legal malpractice claims can arise out of circumstances where assumptions have been made that proved false. For example, you might assume that though you’re over-committed today, next month ...
03/06/2015  |  Full Item >>
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