Privacy Statement

Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association (“CLIA”) uses the information you provide in your insurance application, claim report, and other reporting forms for a number of purposes. This personal information may be used to:

  1. Establish insurance coverage.
  2. Determine and collect premiums and other amounts owing
  3. Manage claims
  4. Provide our actuaries and other professionals with data required to determine valuations, premiums, underwriting and risk management
  5. Develop statistics for planning and evaluation
  6. Develop loss prevention initiatives provided by us or by our law society insurance program
  7. Obtain reinsurance and comply with reporting and audit requirements of reinsurers
  8. Fulfill our regulatory and accounting obligations

CLIA may disclose the personal information to the following entities from time to time:
  1. third parties involved in a claim, including counsel, experts, mediators and adjudicators, the law society insurance program, your broker (if applicable), other insurers, and reinsurers, to the extent disclosure is necessary for the handling or resolution of the claim
  2. our auditors, actuaries and professional advisors to the extent disclosure is necessary for them to fulfill their professional responsibilities to us
  3. regulatory bodies having jurisdiction over CLIA to the extent that they require disclosure
  4. law firms where you have been or currently are a partner, associate or employee, to the extent that the personal information pertains to the time period of your relationship with the law firm or earlier periods of practice

  5. If you have any questions about the use and/or disclosure of information, please contact Patrick Mahoney, General Manager at 1-800-268-9484 or